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Nina Songhori, Tommaso Secchi, Dario Ruberti

Location: London



We often look at the sky as something remote from us, trying to cope that distance with photographs or utter admiration about its colorful sunrises and sunsets.

the continuous changing perception of its colors was the reference idea that gave shape to this freestanding pavilion, followed by other elements such as The distance between us and the sky.

 Being in London, the changing sky is something that affects our daily humor and interactions. So, what about your sky? what if something gives you the chance to manipulate this temporary structure by moving its triangular shaped panels? by doing so people are able to recreate their own kind of sky with their favorite colors.

A parametrically generated roof displays a trapped sky fitting as a new park feature that enhances social interactions between people attracted by this new urban experience. A system of panels containing mixed oil-color able to change its configuration each time one touch it, turning the open space into a visual play among the nature of the park




1. primary wooden structure :

The primary structure is composed of four wooden  pillars  (H: 400 cm/ L: 40 cm/W: 12 cm )

connected by other four beams ( H :40 cm/ L: 854 cm/W: 12 cm )

 on which rings will be applied for the preparation of steel cables.


2. crossing cables.

steel cables are connected to the beams each 150 cm with 60 degrees or 30 degree

Crossing each other to provide nodes that will be connected to the substructure.


3. wooden substructure.

secondary structure is made of wood that will contain transparent triangular panels.

each side  150 cm long.

each triangle is connected to another via steel fixing plates and bolts.

4. hangings

steel cables come out of each node of the crossing cables above them,

therefore from each node comes out 6 cables to connect to the corners of triangles

to hang them up.


5. transparent triangle panels:

Panels are composed of two pieces of transparent material; after sealing, color and oil are injected in between.

Colours are water based and dense, so they don't get mix up easily.


6. interaction

triangular panels are connected with the substructure by pins that allow them to rotate freely around their axis.

therefore people can interact with panels by rotating them.

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