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vision & mission

  • Climate change and biodiversity loss are the biggest challenges in our time.

How we design cities, buildings, society and even our furniture has a huge impact on the environment and our natural habitats. According to IEA organization, the construction industry accounts for almost 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Energy demand from buildings and buildings construction continues to rise at nearly 3% per year. Concrete is the most widely used man-made material existing and the second most-consumed resource on the planet after water. Cement as the key ingredient of concrete, has a massive carbon footprint, about 8% of the world's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions based on think tank Chatham House.

  • We can make a difference.

Research and technology are tools for change and transformation. We need to develop our design based on ever-renewable energies and self-sufficient systems and at the same time to safeguard the earth's ecological resources and biodiversity.

Nina Songhori is a fully qualified registered architect based in Turin.

She studied at the Architecture University of Florence and earned her Bachelor's degree cum laude. She continued her postgraduate studies and obtained her master 's degree in 2014. Since then she has been working with the Florence University of Architecture as professor assistant and collaborated with different architecture firms in Italy.

She is a computational designer and she is interested in exploring innovative design strategies and techniques and new manufacturing methods within the computational design in architecture. She has experience in the use of advanced digital tools to resolve complex design challenges. Her interest in the relationship between complex forms, drawing techniques, and manufacturing processes led her to explore them within architecture and design.

She is the founder of  Digital Architecture & Design and works as a consultant architect and designer.

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