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Studio Nina Songhori
In collaboration with Studio Microchaos, Farnousha Norouzi, Leonardo Carminati, Amanda Gigliotti,

Ludovico Graziano and Rebecca Novara

Photos and Video : Carolina Gheri, Jacopo Graziano, Studio Microchaos

"Hybrid Realities" are wearable sculptures and kinetic clothing inspired by marine forms and movements, emphasizing the deep connection between humanity and nature. These wearable artworks use a palette of colors and hues found in nature, particularly in the underwater world, including shades of blue, green, silver, and other vibrant hues reminiscent of tropical fish.

To create an interactive experience, the clothes are equipped with sensors that react to movement, altering their aesthetics in response to environmental stimuli. Movement gives the clothes a living quality, almost as if they "come alive," interacting with people and their surroundings through their dynamism.

A background animation features fantastical sea animals that echo the shapes and movements of the clothes. The clothes take inspiration from the fish, and in a reverse process, the fish take shape from the clothes and come to life in a video installation. In this way, the design process completes a loop that further amplifies the visual dialogue between humans and nature, making the work an immersive, multi-sensory experience.


Photo cortesy of Jacopo Graziano


The exhibition was held at the Fabbrica del Vapore cultural center. Over the course of the week, we welcomed around 1,500 visitors, with a particularly high turnout during our special blue cocktail party.


In this project, AI is employed to generate abstract images that seamlessly blend elements of fish, dresses, and drawings.


The animation features fantastical sea creatures that mimic the shapes and movements of the dresses. These garments, inspired by fish, undergo a reverse transformation where the fish take shape from the clothes using AI, bringing them to life in a video installation. Created by Studio Microchaos, this interactive installation allows visitors to adjust parameters and engage with these fantastical animals. The use of old cell phones and discarded materials highlights the issue of environmental pollution caused by humans.