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Video by: Marco Lombardini

 San Francisco House Of MusicWinner of the first prize for AWR International Competition

Winner of the first prize for AWR International Competition


location: San Francisco, Golden Gate Park



Music Wave Motion stands on the Golden Gate Park which represents the perfect example of outdoor recreation (re-creation), it would one day be an important piece of San Francisco’s infrastructure, a feature that would help make the West Coast city a distinctive metropolitan area. The main goal of this project is to create a new, exciting whole that is much more than the sum of its parts and connects visitor’s daily life with an iconic building which together with the Park is meant to project the accomplishments of American civilization.

Few people know the story of the creation of Golden Gate Park, for instance, the foundation of sand dunes blanketed with trees, shrubbery, and other plants. Seemingly natural oases containing lakes, streams, and waterfalls are cradled within its scenery.

Nina Songhori, Marco Lombardini, Giuseppe Laudante

Another project’s intention is to simulate rolling landscape of the park by rising up the superficies. Three points in Golden Gate Park twirl and rise up, creating a waving landmark to host various functions and redefine the relationship between the dynamic interior and the outside of the building. To guide the light pass in, the surface has been sliced by a sequence of several lines which imitate spatial equalizer generating a series of ribbons establishing their roots in the ground. These roots veil the boundary between artificial and natural. These ribbons (stripes) create fluid spaces to wrap up the musicians and spectators. The project’s form, series of ribbons combined by internal structure, turns the accords of music harmonies into architectural spaces in which audience experiences the performance of classic and contemporary music.

The design of the music hall magnifies the pleasure of music through the balance of form and structure.

Ribbons go through the stage and wrap around the audience, breathing in an alternate rhythm of expansion and contraction to let the optimum illumination of the auditorium and leading audience’s eye to the center of the stage.

These three principal functions (entrance together with comfort area, educational spaces and concert hall) wrapped in stripes are connected through a central fulcrum in which visitors experience the space fluidly.

These bands more than letting light in spread nature inside the building and at the same time, occlude the view toward the street with the purpose of creating a dynamic view of the outside from inside the auditorium.

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