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Pisa Biennale of architecture

The Pisa Biennale of Architecture is an esteemed international event that showcases innovative and significant architectural works. As a large-scale event, the Biennale provides a platform for architects, designers, theorists to present their contributions to the field, exchange ideas, and challenge the traditional boundaries of architecture.

Presentations often encompass a wide array of topics within the realm of architecture, including sustainability, technological innovation, urban design, and the intersection of architecture with other disciplines. Given the varied and dynamic nature of the Biennale, it is also an avenue for dialogues on pressing social, environmental, and political issues and how architecture can address these.

In 2019, we had the honor of showcasing our conceptual project, "San Francisco House Music", at the Architecture Biennale in Pisa. Infusing music, culture, and community and nature, our design translates the city's dynamic rhythm into architectural form. For more details we invite you to visit  "San Francisco House Music"

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