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The "IO SIEDO" project by ROSSS is a unique blend of cultural homage and modern design, deeply rooted in the Tuscan community. This initiative, spanning 2022-2023, focuses on reappropriating personal relationships and public spaces, as well as enhancing the local territory. At its heart are artistic benches, designed under the guidance of Professor Adriano Bimbi and young architect Nina Songhori, reflecting the region’s rich heritage.

These benches, made of steel - a material synonymous with ROSSS since 1981 - are more than just seating. They are symbols of community and social growth, respecting the environment, a core principle of ROSSS' vision. The design cleverly intertwines the Renaissance grace of Filippo Brunelleschi, evident in the round arch backrest inspired by his works in Florence, with the modern steel stylings of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Installed across all Mugello municipalities, each bench is adorned with engravings by local primary school pupils, making them unique storytellers of the region's culture and history. This project isn't just about creating benches; it's a celebration of social interaction, cultural appreciation, and a testament to the "sacred pleasure of life," countering the superficiality of modern times. The "IO SIEDO" project, through these artistic and communal benches, aims to rejuvenate human connections and beautify the Tuscan landscape.

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