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iO SiEDO a territorial enhancement and social reappropriation project of ROSSS.

The project "iO SiEDO" 
Restorative, like the bench of the house to which the fighter thinks in the distant tumult. 

Friedrich Hölderlin, Calmare (18th cent.), The Quiet (1977) by Enzo Mandruzzato, vv. 5-6

Italian excellence, a planetary leader in the design, production and distribution of industrial metal shelving.
ROSSS exports its products to more than fifty countries around the world. It therefore possesses, ça va sans dire, an essential vocation to dialogue with multiple realities. To communication, to confrontation with different cultures.

A multidisciplinary project, spread over the two-year period 2022-2023 and aimed at a twofold goal: reappropriation and enhancement. 
Reappropriation of personal relationships and public space.
Enhancement of the territory to which the company belongs.

 "Economic, human and social growth of the community while respecting the environment"', moreover, is the cornerstone of ROSSS' vision.

 "IO SIEDO" is a comprehensive proposal that is structured and developed in a plurality of fields. An idea that brings together and requires different skills and disciplines: design and architecture, writing, painting, branding and photography. An initiative that involves the Tuscan community and institutions. The goal of which is to make and donate artistic benches. An initiative that opens with the publication of the present work, written by Matteo Cecchi, with photographs by Pino Bertelli, artistic direction by Marcello Bonini.

Benches made of steel, the material that ROSSS has been using for its activity since 1981, currently reaching the point of processing up to a thousand tons per month.

Benches installed in all Mugello municipalities, enriched by the engravings of drawings specially executed by pupils of the area's Primary Schools.

Symbol benches. Propaedeutic to the recovery of authentic, dense, corporeal human relationships. Genuine. Propitious to the redemption of the consistent and the profound, as opposed to the evanescence and superficiality of our times: the distancing is not only that imposed by the recent pandemic, but also that inflicted, for decades now, by the artificiality, digitization, and technological sophistication of the age in which we live.

Benches that beautify and enrich the places of their placement awakening the eternal joy of socialization. Exciting the rediscovery of "the sacred pleasure of life." 
Bench-building like those made by ROSSS. Designed by the young architect Nina Songhori under the supervision of Professor Adriano Bimbi, former professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. A tribute to the territory, culture and history of Mugello, Florence and Tuscany.

A tribute to the Renaissance and to one of its most celebrated interpreters, Filippo Brunelleschi. Indeed, the backrest is a round arch that alludes to those that punctuate the loggia (1419-1427) of the Spedale degli Innocenti in Piazza della Santissima Annunziata and the Pazzi Chapel (post-1442) in the Chiostro Grande of the Basilica di Santa Croce, in the square of the same name. And Brunelleschi's inspiration is counterpointed by reference to the modern design stylings of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, master of the use of steel.