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                        meets nature.

In our design studio, we are always looking for new connections between technology, mathematics, and materials.

Each time the challenge is to replicate the shape or structural feature of a natural element through algorithms that allow you to create infinite variations.

For production, we use numerically controlled machines such as 3D printing and laser cutters. Then we collaborate with the craftsmen who complete the objects.

The 2022 collection is a series of objects that draw inspiration from nature, each time a characteristic of a natural element is taken into consideration.

For example, the shape of a sea coral called Aiolocroia Crassa is used to form a ring. In the first phase, an algorithm is created to create the object, then it is 3D printed. Subsequently, it is reproduced in silver and the stones are set.

In this catalog, you can find some examples printed in nylon with a 3D printer and other examples reproduced in silver. Regarding the possibility of making it in different materials, contact the email address:

Design Collection

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